How to join BSTRDS

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How to join BSTRDS

Post by Ultri » Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:27 am

Hello there

Register account on our forums
and then post ("New topic" button) in this forum

Then post an application

What toons you have and what you main is
Timezone and what more you think we are interested in

If you have trouble finding BSTRDS ingame

(Can’t find any BSTRDS? Try these: Ultri, Redcurry, Ultras / Drholymoly, Treeking / Batavii, Bigbuddypal )

Before you register read our short little info about BSTRDS

About u:

What we are looking for is players that are friendly, self-reliant and dont take take themselves too seriously. We mainly do endgame content, but we have players in all ranges doing what they enjoy. Most important is your willingness to put in the time and effort to reach your goals, learn from others and pass on your knowledge to help members.

We are part of The New Alliance and Free Alliance so there are raids everyday except mondays. Other than that we raid several times a week within org and with some friends.


It’s quite simple. Don’t be greedy or a douche, and don’t cheat or exploit. Drama is not welcome ofc and don’t bring a bad attitude.

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